Added Services

These addon services can be added, removed or changed to you moving plan at any time.

Just let us know!

Dismantling & Reassembling

2x Simple Dismantle and Reassemble of non-mechanical beds, is included with all bookings with Ugomove

1x Simple Item


(frame beds, wardrobes, shelving)
5x Items £38.6010x Items £77.20

1x Complex Item


(folding bed, sliding wardrobes, garden equipment)
5x Items £79.0010x Items £158.00

Extra Protection Wrap

High Polished and Mirror Finished Furniture, as well as Paintings, Frames, Artwork, Mirrors Wall Hangings Over 40cm benefit from an added layer of protection

1x Small Item


(bedside table, nest of tables, tv)
5 Items £45.5010 Items £90.8020 Items £181.60

1x Large Item


(dinning table, sideboards, Chest of draws)
5 Items £70.2010 Items £140.4020 Items £280.80

1x Frame


Paintings, Frames, Artwork, Mirrors Over 40cm
5 Items £16.8010 Items £33.6020 Items £67.20

Location Addons

Every property has it own uniqueness, which needs to be assessed when moving

This is why Ugomove offers tailored packages for your moving needs!

Stairs & Lifts

Stairs & Lifts up to second floor are included.

Additional charges

3rd - 6th; £10.00 7th - 10th: £30.0011th - 19th: £50.0019th+ Floors; £70.00

+10m Walk

10 metres at each property is included; from van parking space to building / lift entrance

£10.00 per 10m

£10.00 charge for every extra 10m

Fuel +

5miles Travel Distance included with every move.

Additional charges

up to 10 mile £5.00up to 25 miles £1525+ miles 1.05p per mileInternational (contact us)

Van Load Addons

Volume +

Additional Volume

Pre Booked from£35.00 per m3On the Day from£65.00 per m3

Weight +

Boxes weigh Limit

20kg each.

Any 1 cubic metre (m3) of space cannot weight over 50kg.

Contact us about large amounts of books / paperwork


If you need a to lift to your new address, use Ride-in!
Local 10 miles £5.00County 15 miles £10.00National £20.00